1. Please don't remove credit!
  2. Editing my code is fine but please don't claim as your own
  3. Please don't steal my code, if you want I can help you with coding just send me an ask! I'm not the best but I can send resources that have helped me in the past!
  4. Please don't take my code from someone's page source, if you want you can send me a message and I can easily send you the pastebin! Its so much easier to get a clean copy of the code from me anyway omfg.
  5. Have a nice day!! :)

Sheena Theme
Sheena Theme. Preview. Preview 2. Code.

500px wide tumblr theme with a bunch of customization options and a gradient background! No infinite scroll though, sorry!
Network Theme
Network Theme. Preview. Code.

Network theme for tumblr with 100x100 icons. more rows can be added because there is a scrollbar but it was intended to have 9, there are instructions in the comments before the code.